Historical background

The Foster Care Association was formed on June 14, 1979 by Mr. Jack Dalton to give a voice and to represent foster families' views to the then Department of Community Welfare.

Instrumental in obtaining recognition from the Department was the support Mr. Dalton received from Marian Maughan, who worked in the Child Placement Service and who helped in the establishment of the Association. A steering board was elected to put a constitution together.

The Association has grown to now represent metropolitan and country foster families and services are designed to address their needs.

A devoted Board of Management and members oversees the function of the Association and are looking for new initiatives for the benefit of the membership.

An Annual General meeting is held early in September and members can nominate to be elected on the Committee.

The Foster Care Association is a service that is funded by the Department for Child Protection.

Mission Statement

The Foster Care Association strives to promote the interests of Foster Care with all Care Agencies of Western Australia.

We deliver services to Foster Families that will enhance their ability to respond to the challenge of fostering.


  • To give Foster Families a group identity and an autonomous voice.
  • To help Foster Families have immediate access to general information on entitlement, procedures and expectations of the Foster Care Agencies.
  • To support Foster Families in the delivery of their foster care duty.
  • To aim towards a national exchange of information and ideas.


  • To safeguard and promote the interests of all children in care by the provision of "Quality Care".
  • To establish a working partnership between the Association, the Department for Child Protection and the Care Agencies promoting the exchange of information.
  • To create a public awareness of fostering.
  • To be a sustainable, viable organisation that has the capacity to meet the needs of its constituency and the community.
  • To be proactive, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the organisation and the people it serves.
  • To have a pivotal role in the strategic direction of foster caring at National level.
  • To develop a high level of support and involvement to assist us in achieving outcomes that benefits Foster Families and adds value to society.