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COVID19 Impact On Foster Families Survey Results

The Foster Care Association of Western Australia (FCAWA) understands that COVID19 has had a significant impact on many family and general carer’s households across WA.  Due to the nature of the pandemic, the real length and breadth of the impact is unknown and unfortunately, with no end in sight, it is evident that the impact will be ongoing.

From the onset of COVID19, FCAWA has been working tirelessly in the background to support and relieve the day to day additional placement stressors felt by carers.  We have been fiercely canvassing for a one-off  COVID19 Hardship Payment for all carers, in line with that received by carers in the Eastern States.  We have strongly emphasised the need for all school aged children in care to have access to educational home schooling tools such as iPads.  And we have also consulted with The Department Of Communities to ensure all carers were given clear, consistent, and current updates around home schooling and face to face contact arrangements, in line with Government Health Guidelines and Recommendations.

We received a tremendous response to our COVID19 Impact On Foster Families Survey and really appreciate the time our carers took to complete this for us.  Please click on the link below to view the Survey Results.