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Click a link below to download PDF versions of FCA’s brochure, Foster Families Charter of Rights and The Department of Communities Care Team Approach.

FCAWA Brochure
Foster Families Charter Of Rights
Care Team Approach Framework

The Foster Care Handbook

The Foster Care Handbook for Foster Families has been developed in consultation with the Department of Communities. The Foster Care Association of Western Australia provides the information in this publication in good faith. The information is not legal advice and is provided on the basis that neither the Association or the Department can be held liable for the misinterpretation of information provided. The handbook was updated in September 2017.

Foster Care Handbook For Foster Families 

Family Care Resource


The Department for Communities has developed a handbook speci!c to Family Carers. This handbook provides family carers with information to assist them with their caring journey.

Family Care Handbook


Support For Grandparents

Carer Subsidy

Click the Link below for the Department of Communities Financial Support Information – General Foster Carer Subsidy.

Subsidy Rates July 2020

Additional Child Care Subsidy For Children At Risk


The Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) has been funded by the State Recovery Plan to provide a State-wide therapeutic consultation and support service, OurSPACE, for Department of Communities foster and family carers. OurSPACE provides support to any placement under stress and/or at risk of breaking down. The program provides culturally responsive, trauma informed support to empower carers to understand and meet the needs of the children in their care. The sessions are provided by specialised therapeutic counsellors, including an Aboriginal practitioner.

 ACF has foster and Family care support information and resources on their website, visit: https://professionals.childhood.org.au.  To view a copy of the OurSPACE Foster and Family Care Support flyer, visit:


Click on the link below for 10 useful tips to support carers with ideas to help children transition back to school after the holidays along with a great activity sheet for What To Do With Worries:

Back To School Tips 

Activity Sheet – What To Do With Worries

Sortli App

Sortli (short for Sort your life) is a free App designed by young people for young people to help navigate their transition from out-of-home care to independence.  It helps to guide them and provides links to support to local services in areas such as housing, employment, health, money and more.

The app is funded by the Department and is managed by the CREATE foundation.  Updates are strongly driven by the perspectives of young people who use and need the app.  Recent new features allow young people to create their own goals, get the help they need on their phone and work towards the future they dream. Click on the link below to find out more.

Sortli App

Bright Tomorrow’s App

The Bright Tomorrows app gives parents and carers the tools they need to help build and develop their children’s brains and to help them be healthy, happy kids.

Developed by child health experts, the tips or brain building ‘moments’ in the app are tailored to you and your child, easily !tting into your everyday life.

For more information, visit brightomorrows.org.au.

Download the app by searching for Bright Tomorrows in the App Store or Google Play Store. Personalise the app to your family’s unique needs, try out the moments suggested especially for you and have fun using these moments with your family!