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About Us

Historical Background

The Foster Care Association was formed on June 14, 1979 by Mr. Jack Dalton to give a voice to and represent foster families to the then Department of Community Welfare.

Instrumental in obtaining recognition from the Department was the support Mr. Dalton received from Marian Maughan, who worked in the Child Placement Service and who helped in the establishment of the Association. A steering board was formed, and a Constitution developed.

The Association has grown to now represent metropolitan and country foster families and services are designed to address their needs. The day to day services and activities of the Foster Care Association are carried out in the interests of all children in foster care throughout Western Australia.

A Board of members is elected to oversee the functions of the Foster Care Association. An annual general meeting is held annually, and the members of the association can nominate to be elected to the Board.

The Foster Care Association is a non-government, not for profit agency funded by the Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support.

Mission Statement

The Foster Care Association delivers services to Foster Families, and aims to enhance their ability to respond to the challenges of fostering.



A voice for all foster families. 

FCA strives to provide a voice for foster families both as individual’s and as a collective.

Support for all foster families.

FCA seeks to support all foster families through their journey.

Respectful relationships. 

FCA promotes honest, professional and culturally appropriate relationships with all parties in the foster care system.

Unite and grow. 

FCA works to unite and provide networking, support and learning opportunities for all foster families.

Enhance and inform. 

FCA strives to enhance and inform the fostering system and ultimately the care outcomes for all children in care.


  • To provide ongoing professional support and advocacy to foster families throughout Western Australia.
  • To provide networking and learning opportunities for all foster families.
  • To provide relevant, culturally responsive support to all foster families.
  • To grow, strengthen and maintain relationships with all foster families and key stakeholders.
  • To provide a collective voice on behalf of foster families.
  • To promote public awareness of fostering in Western Australia.